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About us

The Boss Lady’s Story
So, I’m a big nerd when it comes to hair. I’ve always been interested in fashion: its history, its climate & culture, but primarily its impact on us and on how we look back to decorate and armour ourselves.

I believe how a person looks can drastically influence our impression of them.

How a person feels when they look a certain way, can be the driving force of their life.

The way we see things and the way we understand things changes our perception about EVERYTHING!

When it comes to how people look, for me it’s not all about how “good” someone looks. I wanna see how joyful they look, how interesting they look, how pissed off at the world they look, how creative, cool, or traditional they look. I also see the beauty in looking wild, tired, or carefree. For me, it’s all about true expression of a lived-in-life. Who the heck are you?!

When I started East Vanity Parlour in 2008, I wanted a space I could feel free to create in and a place where people could be themselves. I wanted all walks of life to be able to come on in and let it all hang out. I wanted people to feel safe and cared for but excited and inspired to play around. I’ve never been able to comfortably answer questions about trends or fads. I feel like it’s all just become a big melting pot of recycled crap with the occasional neat idea. Just embrace what works for you. YOUR hair type, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR flavour, that’s the only way to truly pull off a killer lewk.

I started collecting a team of kindhearted misfits and we studied the history of hair and experimented on each other every chance we got. We accept almost every invite to get our hands dirty, be it wedding fairs, burlesque shows, street parties, sex conventions, fashion shows, tattoo exhibits,etc. If we could play with hair, we were game. After a while we started to build a cult following of the most wonderful and colourful characters that became the air that this company breathes today.

As far as our company culture goes, I couldn’t have imagined or planned for anything this vibrant. There is never a dull moment at East Vanity Parlour and if you like vintage vibes and super RAD people you’ll more than likely love it here. #NostalgicBadass

– Kristi